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Are Women Gender Stereotyped When Being Coached Resistance Based Exercises?


Study Title

Are women gender stereotyped when being coached resistance-based exercises?

You are invited to participate in an undergraduate independent research study, which will examine whether women who are coached resistance-based exercises are subjected to gender stereotypes. The results gained from my study will determine whether gender stereotyping does occur and would allow for coaches to gain an insight on how the female population view gender stereotyping within this sport, resulting in prevention of gender stereotyping occurring. 

Why have I been selected? Am I eligible to take part?
In order to take part in this study, individuals must be women who have been or are currently coached resistance-based exercises. In order to take part in this study, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria. Everyone taking part has got to be at between the ages of 18-29 years. 

Do I have to take part?
No. Participation in this study is completely voluntary. You have the right to withdraw prior to the study, during the study and up to 2 weeks from the day in which you participated. If you do wish to withdraw, please contact the researcher on the email provided in the contact details. You will need to provide the researcher with your unique identification code if you wish to withdraw as this will aid identification of the data which you have provided. 

What will taking part in the study involve?
You will be given multiple questions from an online questionnaire in which you will need to answer as best as you can, providing as much detail as possible. I ask that you ensure you have 10 minutes spare to do the questionnaire. There will be no other questionnaires provided for you throughout the study, and once the questionnaire has been submitted, your participation has now been completed within the study.

What are the possibly risks of taking part?
There are no physical, psychological or environmental risks of taking part. 

What are the possible benefits of taking part?
By participating in this study, you will be aiding research in whether women are gender stereotyped when being coached resistance-based exercises. This information could be beneficial to population groups such as women who take part in resistance-based exercises, or women who do not take part but wish to. This could also be beneficial to anyone who coaches women strength-based exercises, in order to create a better coach to athlete, and athlete to coach relationship. 

Use of your data and your rights

Researchers will be collecting data from your participation in this study. We need these data to understand whether women are gender stereotyped when being coached resistance-based exercises and also in the public interest of enhancing academic research. This is the legal basis on which we are collecting your data, and while this allows us to use your data, it also means we have obligation towards you to:

  • Not seek more information from you than what is essential and necessary for the study.

• Make sure that you are not identified by the data by anonymising it using ID codes;
• Use your anonymised data only for the purposes of this study and for any relevant publications that arise from it.
• Store data safely in password-protected databases to which only the named researchers have access
• Not keep your information for longer than is necessary (usually for seven years);
• Safely destroy your data by shredding or permanently deleting them

Researchers on the project with access to the data are highly qualified and experienced and have been very careful to ensure the security of your data. The study was approved for its ethical standards by The University of Derby Human Sciences Research Ethics Committee. Further information about the project can be obtained from Megan Evans: and Dr. Charlotte Chandler: at the University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby DE22 1GB.
I also agree to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, including taking responsibility for securely storing and subsequently destroying participant data. 


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